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Title: Wrong Address, Maybe
Series: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Squall Leonhart, Seifer Almasy, Quistis Trepe
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU, post game, creepy,
Summary: Squall is looking for Seifer. Gets a little weird, a little creepy.
Wordcount: 890
Author's Notes: This was suppose to be part of a longer cross fandom AU thing where Squall was trying to find a different way to battle, one without GFs. My memories got eaten by Guardian Forces and I forgot that I had wrapped it up. This is what came out.
Beta: Nope, sorry. No beta.

The buzzer went off at his room and Squall turned slowly in his chair to face the door. Part of him wondered who it was - Quistis in her quest to find Seifer Almasy saying she could or could not do it, or Xu who decided to come to some other option or end to his demands.

The buzzer went off again. With a roll of his eyes he stood and went to the door, pressing the lock mechanism to let it slide open.

It was Quistis. She looked distraught.

"I found him. I found Almasy for you." She said his name with something akin to disdain.

Squall blinked at her then looked back towards the door expecting his rival to walk in after her. Nobody walked in. He shut the door and turned to her waiting for an explanation.

"He's in Galbadia."

"Did you contact him?"

"No. I found him for you. The rest is up to you." She held out a piece of paper.

Squall eyed it warily.

"I thought you were to explain to him why he was needed."

"I have other things to do with my time than to play messenger girl."

Squall tilted his head, his eyes narrowed. Seifer used that term in regards to Selphie when she first came to find them. It was disconcerting to hear that term come from Quistis.


Quistis's lips moved and the voice was hers, but the comments weren't.

"Leonhart. To what do I owe the pleasure of you seeking me out?"

"Almasy? What did you do to Quistis?"

"She's playing messenger girl for me."

He shook his head.

"No. I want to talk to you. I don't want to talk through her. Quit whatever you're doing to her."

"You have the paper?"


"Go there. We'll talk. And don't bring any of these damned Garden assholes. Just you."

"Are you going to be able to do this again to her, in the future?"

There was a sneering smirk on Quistis's lips. It looked wrong and it made Squall feel ill.

"What's it to you?"

"Let her go, Almasy. I didn't know when you become such a dick."

"Ha! See you soon Commander."

Squall watched as Quistis tensed up and then started to slump toward the floor. With a quick lunge forward he was able to catch her, breaking her fall. With ease, he picked the woman up and put her on his couch.

Quickly he put on his boots and jacket. He rang Doctor K and let her know what happened. He waited until she came with a gurney and together they put her onto it. Quistis woke as she was being wheeled out of Squall's room. He grabbed his gunblade and the paper, calling out to the doctor to take care of her.

It took a bit longer than what Squall wanted to get there, but he was cautious, doubling back a couple times. While on the train to Galbadia, he kept thinking of his reason to do this - Sion. He wanted to keep his memories and didn't want them to be eaten by the Guardian Forces.

When he pulled into the station, Squall utilized his training to the utmost. His guard was high and he was even more cautious than previously. His mind kept wondering how Seifer managed to take over Quistis's body. There must have been some sort of implant injected into her body, but would she have let Seifer get that close? He'd have to ask her later.

Beyond a chain link fence was the address Seifer was at. There was something about the empty parking lot and the fence that had Squall's teeth set on edge. It seemed a little too empty. It felt like a trap. The kicker was that it was in a wide open space. There were no buildings within the vicinity and the ones that were, you had to squint to see them in the far distance.

He could feel the call of Shiva in the back of his mind. She urged him to junction and for the first time in a long while, he didn't ignore her. He stood before the fence and gauged the building. Slowly he walked around the area making a complete circuit. He could feel it in the air at that moment. The fence was charged with electricity. He junctioned Quezacotl to absorb, in case there was an attack.

Leaning down, he scooped up a bunch of dust and tossed it into the yard. The air smelt of burnt earth, lightning arcs between the fence posts.

'What in Hyne's name are you up to here, Almasy?' Squall thought as he eyed up the building before doing a full circle where he stood, just in case there was something he missed. There wasn't.

"Almasy." He called towards the building. There was no answer. He called again. And again. And again.

After half an hour of random calling, he pulled the address out of his pocket and scribbled something on the opposite side, found a rock and pinned it to the ground, and left.

Almasy wouldn't teach him, wouldn't even see him - probably sat inside the building with his posse laughing at him. This left him with two options - withdraw from Garden's SeeD program, or teach. Neither seemed like a good option.



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