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Title: Forecasted
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: Silver with thoughts of Thayne
Rating: PG
Word count: 505
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

It was cold out. The kind of cold that seeped into your bones within moments making you feel even colder for the rest of the day.

Those were things that were never stated in a forecast. Silver thought to himself as he wrapped himself with the scarf.

The walk wasn't long to the hospital that he worked at but the biting cold was something that couldn't be avoided, unlike Thayne.

He left his partner sleeping in a warm bed. Part of him longed to go back to that bed, to curl up next to the larger man and just feel his warmth curl around him.

It was, as always, the hand that drove him away. Only this time, it was more than just the hand. It was the fact that he could no longer deal with it. That he had come to some sort of breaking point and it was coming down to being happy or ...or nothing.

Pausing at a cross walk, Silver cocked his head. When was the last time he was ever really happy in his relationship with Thayne?

The light had switched from the steady white light of the hand to the flashing amber of the 'do not walk' warning light. Quickly he hurried across, the thought weighing heavily on his mind.

Since I came into my powers. The nurse thought to himself. Since Thayne became the Death God. That was years ago. Have we really... no, that's not right. Have I really been that unhappy for that long?

The hospital loomed in front of him; if it was human, Silver swore that on this cold morning, that it was leering at him. Like some sick perverted man or woman.

A shudder crept through him and it wasn't just the ill forecasted cold that made his slim frame shake. It was much more than that; the dawning, the realization that he really wasn't happy in his relationship with Thayne.

No matter what he did during those ten plus years, it couldn't change how he really felt inside; that he really didn't love Thayne.

His pace slowed as that night long ago played in his head; the Wardens surrounding them. The headmistress stabbing his lover. THE cooling feeling of blood around his feet and the sadistic smile that played on her thin lips. THE knowing that he would be the next victim that cold steel blade would be to claim.

But it didn't happen like that. He didn't die, he became reborn. He was the one who called Thayne back. It was him who, in the end helped create Thayne as the Death God.

The doors slid open in front of Silver, his reflection there in the windows then gone as the doors opened. He didn't go in, couldn't go in and the doors closed.

For a moment, in The reflection he thought he seen himself as he was so many years ago when he brought back the Death God.

When he lost his one true love, when he destroyed his own happiness.



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