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Title: Hunted
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: Thayne/Death God, mention of Gabriel
Rating: PG
Word count: 523
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

The cables flung themselves out of his arm at an alarming rate. Faster than he normally would have thought that they could move. That was only a brief fleeting thought on his mind when he actually felt the cables strike true and capture their target.

He did love how they would simply catch what they wanted, given no thought on how it should be done. Thinking things like that, that simple plotting was something that he just had no time for. That's why Thayne was lucky that the cables did everything like that for him.

There were of course, times where he called them off, pulled them back and reigned in their terrible unthinking ways. Normally that was while he was in bed with Gabriel.

There were small moments in time where the redhead would whisper into his ear to just let the cables go; to let them revel in the moment of pain and pleasure. Actually stated that they must find it pleasurable on some level to just go mindlessly, so seek out a shape and impale it.

Thayne of course retorted back that they weren't always so mindless, so quick to impale things. Recalled the first night they met, that the cables actually stroked Gabriel, aroused him.

Gabriel would laugh and say that it was because they like him, were evil and knew how to please one another. Those were the nights where they would talk into the night, where Gabriel would sit and stroke a couple of the cables from Thayne's arm.

This time, they hungered, wanted more than what was dangling off the end of their hooks. It was another from the Brotherhood; a sacrificial lamb perhaps?

The Death God was actually getting bored of taking their lives. They didn't fight, didn't show any will to keep living. Gave up as if this was already written.

Looking at one of the ninjas that hung there, he brought his unfathomable eye close to the others, then sighed. Here too, was the lost will.

With a sneer and a tug, the cables let loose, dropping the member to the ground.

"You sicken me. Your lack of will, no life in you when facing death. When you face me. I've seen countless others fight for life, beg me for it, but you... I get nothing. Send a message back to whoever runs your ...stupid Brotherhood. Tell them that I sicken at killing your kind, that there is no thrill there. That you leave me hungry and wanting to do more damage. ....More damage. Perhaps it is time to go on a proper hunt."

The Death God laughed, Thayne's large frame shaking while he/they laughed together. "GO! Tell your keeper that the next one of you I find, that they will become my pet. I will break you and remold you and then hunt you and kill you."

Turning away, he heard the stunned silence then feet barely hitting the pavement as something overtook the man. something he hadn't felt in a long while - fear.

That was a shape the cables hunted. Something it yearned for, hungered for and soon would feed on.
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