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Title: Wanting Silver
Fandom/original: original
Characters: Gabriel, some woman
Rating: R for sexual content
Word count: 528
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

A stretch, a long and luxurious stretch. It made him seem so feline, so graceful and that pleased Gabriel.

He was nothing feline of course. More of a demon whose lust was almost unstoppable. That wasn't a bother to him, unless of course his partner was something or someone who couldn't keep up. It was so hard to find partners who could keep the pace and then ask for more after they came.

Gabriel had only found that in two people; Thayne and his partner, or was it now former partner, Silver. The sex with Thayne was divine and it should have been! There were times where he was sure that the Death God he was actually suppose to hunt and bring back to the Ancient was coming out to play, letting Thayne fall into a resting state while the God played with his body. Sated his need for lust and death with Thayne's body.

Silver however was something incredible, but wasn't sure if he wanted more from the demon or not. Gabriel would have loved to bed Silver over and over again, but he often stopped himself. There was that pesky thing, that emotion that he started feeling for Thayne. It wasn't quite love, but it was pretty strong; made him pause and not go forth with a single-minded intent.

Gabriel purred and stretched again, the thoughts of Silver running through his mind again. He looked over at his partner for the - what was it, an hour or two and could feel his body fall into that aroused state again.

His erection grew and his balls felt heavy between his thighs. The redhead moaned and ran his hand down his partner's body. They groaned and opened an eye; it was blue and boring. But their eyes aren't what Gabriel wanted.

He wanted to plunge his cock into their dripping wet sex, wanted to fuck them until they screamed again, begged for release.

Gabriel pulled at the pillow they clung too. "Come on. I want to fuck again." He smiled and felt his teeth with his tongue. They weren't sharper than normal.

His partner moaned and rolled over, parting her thighs for him until he shook his head. "No, I want you on your hands and knees."

Slowly she moved and tossed her hair over her shoulder; her ass was in the air and for a moment, Gabriel could picture that it was Silver he was slipping into. That her sex was over just filled with too much lube and that her mousy hair was really shimmering silver.

If he moved just right, he could make her scream like Silver would when he fucked him right. That thought made him smile and mount the girl quickly. He shivered in deep pleasure when his cock slid home; nice and deep inside of her.

"Oh yes. This is what I was waiting for."
She moaned his name and wiggled her ass for him. The tease.
"I'm going to fuck you so hard, my pretty dear." Fuck you until I break you were the unspoken words.

Hips started to thrust and nothing but the sounds of slapping flesh and wet suctioning sex could be heard for hours.
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