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Title: Desired
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: The Ancient, Gabriel and a Servant Hellworth
Rating: R for sexual content
Word count: 504
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

It had a decayed scent to it; fruit, flesh and other things that once were alive sent to rot or were in the process of rotting.

Occasionally, one would hear the clatter of something on tile or stone; stone or a precious gem or maybe a tooth falling loose from it's socket. No cry of anguish was heard afterward so it probably wasn't a tooth. Pity.

The Ancient stretched it's body like a lithe cat; it's nails clawing at empty space before it curled back into itself.

This was It's domain but at times It hungered for something more; a taste of fruit not rotten, not decayed. For kisses not tinged with fear or hatred. It wanted Gabriel or one of his family to come and play for a while.

Casting a glance over at the one family member that remained here, trapped here, it smirked. It was wicked and evil wrapped in something loving and divine and it scared the Hellworth. Their frail body quaking with fear.

"You know how to seek him, yes? Bring him to me; I desire his body." The Oldest spoke, it's voice still like chimes on a far too windy day. All melody and harmony ripped from the beauty of subtle things like a chime.

"I-I do."

"You have moments on that side. Bring him to me."

"I, could be your play thing, if you so desired it." The withered thing spoke.
"No. You are not strong enough for my wants. Go now before I find ways to test your strength." It smiled and there was nothing divine in It's smile.

With a flurry of sagging skin, it ran; ran as hard and as fast as it could until it thought it was safe. Not that it would be, this was the Ancient's domain and it would be wise to always remember that.

A quick burst of magic, borrowed magic and it was in Gabriel's home, in his bedroom.
Noises of lust and sex filled the servant Hellworth's ear canals and it shuddered before a thought of lust or what lust once was over took it.

Hidden in the shadows, it waited, knowing full well that Gabriel knew it was there. That he waited. The Ancient wouldn't be mad at Gabriel for making it wait, the redhead was favored out of all the branches of the Family.

The sex noises reached a crescendo of sorts; begs, pleas and other whimpers of an oncoming orgasm could be heard and the hidden Hellworth looked up. Watched what he could never have done. Despite Sex being part of their family's magic, it was never as strong as this one's power.

Leaving the bed and the sleeping forms, Gabriel walked to the shadows with a scowl on his face, clearly annoyed at the intrusion.

"The Ancient ...desires you." And like that, the scowl dissipated off the younger Hellworth's face.

The smell of something rotting briefly reached the sleeping bodies, intruded on lust filled dreams before they sighed and rolled over.

Below, Gabriel knelt.

Title: Ancient Summons
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: Ancient/Gabriel
Rating: R for sexual content
Word count: 513
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine. this follows "Desired"

He could hear her purr from where she sat on her throne of bones and stone. She liked what she saw and how could she not? Gabriel had come to her with the scent of sex and lust still clinging to his body. He was still hard from fucking, still had the slick wetness on his body from where their bodies joined in the act.

"Come to me. Please me as you did those women" The voice was like nails on his skin and Gabriel found himself growing harder. He wanted this, craved it ever since his uncle made him visit, made him his proxy long ago.

Standing, Gabriel walked towards her, aware that other denizens of her world - for the Ancient was a she for him at this point - were watching. She sat, almost prim in her dirty dress with her fine slippers and her small body.

There was no way that the Ancient was that young but took the size to perhaps portray the innocence she craved or maybe lost long ago. The demon Gabriel knew that beneath those clothes would be the same body he viewed when he was first tested. The barely budding body of a woman-child.

Kneeling at her feet, he removed a slipper and licked the arch, lifting her leg high; part in display for those watching and part to see if she would protest such a bold action. When no protest came, Gabriel removed the second slipper and did the same thing to the other foot.

While he did this, she dropped her foot into his lap and let her toes stroke at his erection. Grunting a bit, Gabriel found that his hips were moving on their own - how could they not? He was hardwired for sex and this small act was sexual. The Ancient laughed at this and continued until Gabriel was panting.

"Lovely. Come, my patience grows thin. I want more." She spoke in her sing-song voice that dripped with lust, as if it were a tangible thing.

No hesitations now, Gabriel slid his hands up her thighs; along the outer before moving to the inside to spread them like he did with the women sleeping in his bed. She gasped and half moaned; nobody was this demanding, this bold with her in ages.

Eyes gleaming, she watched the denizens, her minions as they watched Gabriel. Watched as he pulled her hips forward onto the edge of the chair and spread her thighs wider. Listened as she gasped when he plunged his tongue into wet sex. There were whimpers and a couple moans from the crowd hovering at the edge of the dais.

He licked and sucked at her pussy, fingers thrusting in while his lips worked at her clit. He smiled against her flesh when she cried out, kissed her thigh and tasted dust.

"More." She whispered harshly.

Once again, his mouth went to her sex to lick and suck, making her rock and writhe on the chair. Making her spread like a wanton whore, made her beg for his body in full.

Title: Aesthetics
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: Ancient/Gabriel
Rating: R for sexual content
Word count: 522
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

She gripped his thick organ and stroked at it, pausing to look at the slickness on her palm; the sex fluids from the other women he had. The Ancient smiled and licked at her palm, licked the taste off her hand and smiled.

"You fucked them hard didn't you Gabriel?"
His answer came in gasps, his cock was leaking and the few strokes she gave was nothing but a teasing touch. "Of course Mistress."

"Good. Will you fuck me as hard?"
He looked at her, a smirk played on his lips like his fingers played with her nipples under her dress fabric. "As hard as my lady wishes."
She laughed and held her palm out. He licked it and sucked on her fingers.

"Fuck me Gabriel. Make me scream." It was a command, an order and an almost plea. That made him hunger for more.

He slid a finger into her wet sex, thrust it in and out making her writhe and part her thighs for him. Pulling it out, he sucked it clean before he pressed the tip of his erection to her sex. The Ancient's eyes went wide and she licked her lips in anticipation.

Hidden behind those beautiful, aesthetic lips were fangs. Fangs that would sink deep into his flesh later while he thrust into her, but that was not now.

Now he pushed in until he was buried into her body; she cried out and shuddered. He waited until her body relaxed, until she gave the word. But then, she had summoned him here, told him to please her. Why should he wait and be the ever careful lover?

Gabriel didn't wait any longer but pulled out only to thrust back in harshly. Her body tightened around his and he groaned while she laughed. Almost upset by the laugh he tore at her dress; the fragile fabric became nothing in his hands and he bit roughly at her breast.

Fingers went into his hair, legs wrapped around his waist and she rocked her hips in time with his. Again he bit; this time at her nipple. The Ancient screamed in pleasure and in gratitude raked her nails down his back; bringing blood to the surface of his pale skin.

Hisses and moans could be heard from those still watching. They wanted his blood, wanted what she was having, wanted to fuck, to be fucked and if anything, to be gazed at by the Ancient with the expression she wore for Gabriel.

Gabriel lifted her legs over his shoulders, or lifted them as high as they'd go, being that she was still in her smaller form. He bit at her ankles while his hips thrust, while he spread her sex with his cock, letting them all watch.

A whimper and an almost sob came from her, words that she would normally not say on her lips. A begging plea and a moan for more.

Gripping the small hips, Gabriel fucked harder, their panting gasps filled the empty halls. Their grunts and cries and the noises of flesh slapping could be heard, wound itself around the denizens, making them quiver.
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