arghmuses ([personal profile] arghmuses) wrote2012-01-22 03:27 am

Unnamed OC: Ficlet - Wooing

Title: Wooing
Fandom/original: Original
Characters: Silver, Thayne, Gabriel
Rating: R
Word count: 524
Author's Notes: has no beta, spell checker. all mistakes are mine.

It was the small things, but they added up and it was something nice for a change; to be wooed and to feel as though he was wanted.

Gabriel was one of those people who normally moved fast; live in the moment and seize what you want. Claim it and do it fast, lest it is snagged out from under you. With Silver however, he took it slower and that was something different.

The redheaded demon wasn't sure what to make of it; at times he was chomping at the bit and annoyed that he had to play this game so slowly. Other times, he was amused and would happily play the part, even while Thayne sat and raised his eyebrow or the corner of his mouth in a sardonic smirk.

Getting Thayne into his bed was not a slow event; staying there was something all completely different and he wasn't sure how Silver would be once in his bed. He hoped that the lust and passion would last for a long while, but on the other hand there were the first time awkwardness and uncertainty of events.

Once more, Gabriel's fingers slid through the long silvered locks of hair, twirling, curling and gently tugging. All actions seeking a response, a sign of sorts to see what the younger man might like; the thought of bedding someone so vaguely innocent sent a chill through his body and was filled with glee for the bit of change - not that he was complaining about Thayne or his sexual prowess.

The demon knew that there would be no hidden god hiding behind those metallic eyes, no silver fading to star fields and black. No lack of humanity or the withdrawal of a soul. Gabriel could see why the Ancient wanted the Death God back. He was a frightening being if left on his own, left to his own whims and fancies; frightening to think what would have happened on this planet's face if he ended up taking the body of someone who didn't care so much. Of someone who didn't have the soul and heart like Thayne.

A soft gasp brought his fiery green eyes back to the current prey sitting at his table. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to harm."

Silver shook his head a bit and let his hand sit on Gabriel's for a moment. "It wasn't harm - just something I didn't think I'd like." Pink tinged the normally pale cheeks and Gabriel felt like a wolf in a haphazard costume with a very delighted smile peeking out.

'So he might enjoy a bit of hair tugging then?' Gabriel could only smile more, much to Silver's confusion. The poor dear had only had one lover and that man was sitting at the other side of their table with a smirk that was very misplaced on his face. This displeased Silver, sent a frown on his face and made him wonder why he deserved such a mean looking smirk.

Fingers at his chin drew him back to those hypnotic green eyes and he could feel himself falling. Tumbling head over heels, over and over; vertigo with a bit of lust.